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  • Product type: Air purifier

Air purifier with Hepa filter, coverage up to 40m2. Capture efficiency of 0.1 micrometer particles, 1/800 the thickness of a human hair. 6 times filtration, air purification system uses as many as 12 million negative ions, making the air healthy, fresh and crisp. Healthy breathing naturally strengthens the immune system.

Cronos HEPA I air purifier

The Cronos HEPA I multifunctional air purifier, thanks to its installed filters, effectively removes even the smallest pollutants, such as PM2.5 particulate matter, which has an extremely adverse effect on health.

In addition, the purifier can be used to sterilize the air and various surfaces, thanks to the built-in UV-C lamp, which efficiently destroys various types of viruses and bacteria.

Advantages of the Cronos HEPA air purifier

  • 4 replaceable high-quality filters: HEPA filter, pre-filter, carbon filter, catalytic filter

  • built-in specialized UV-C lamp

  • additional air ionization function

  • operating range up to 40m2

  • high airflow of 230m3/h

  • laser sensor for measuring air quality

  • built-in 1-8h timer

  • automatic and quiet/night operation mode

  • possibility to select one of 3 air speeds

  • quiet operation of the device below 50 dB

  • LED settings display panel

  • remote control

4 filtry w oczyszczaczu powietrza Cronos Hepa I

Air purifier with 4 filters

What filters should be included in a quality air purifier? These 4 are the basis for proper operation of the purifier:

  • HEPA filter - the most effective, captures particles of 0.1 micrometers in size, removes: particulate matter PM2.5, PM10, pollen, dust mites, soot, smog components

  • pre-filter - prevents clogging of more advanced filters, retains the largest pollutants

  • carbon filter - retains formaldehyde, benzene, nitrites, etc.

  • catalytic filter - cleans the air of chemicals, volatile organic compounds (TVOCs)

  • ionization - helps fight dust, microorganisms, dust mites and bad odors

Air purifier with UV-C lamp

High-quality UV-C lamp is a guarantee of getting rid of health-threatening viruses and bacteria from the air and various surfaces.

Thanks to this feature, you can carry out disinfection at home, which is especially useful in the autumn and winter, when it is the time of flu and flu-like diseases.

Air ionization

Negative ions benefit health and are able to improve air quality by removing dust, allergens or unpleasant odors from the air. Ionization is a particularly important feature in an air purifier for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the anions released, the air becomes much more crisp and breathable.

Air quality meter and easy operation

In order to easily select the appropriate operating mode and blowing speed, the device is equipped with a laser air quality meter, which accurately shows how many pollutants are currently in the air, specifying this with the corresponding colors.

In addition, it is possible to control the device using the panel and remote control included in the kit.

Set composition:

  1. Cronos HEPA I air purifier

  2. 3x air filter (pre-filter + HEPA, activated carbon, catalytic)

  3. Remote control

  4. Manual in Polish

Technical specifications:

  • Model: HEPA I

  • Powersupply: 220V-240V/AC

  • Power: 35W

  • Weight: 8 kg

  • Dimensions: 33 x 20 x 61 cm

  • Filter types: Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter, Catalytic filter.

  • Airflow: 230 m³/h

  • Number of anions: 10,000,000 units/cm³

  • Timer: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 hr

  • Volume: ≤ 50 dB

  • Working area: up to 40 m²

  • HEPA filter: >=0.1 nm

  • Activated carbon absorption level: 28 mr

Oczyszczacz powietrza Cronos Hepa I w pokoju

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Air purifier

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