Cronos TP-B1 / ZH-A51 oxygen concentrator with battery

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  • Product type: Oxygen concentrator
  • Category: For your health
Cronos TP-B1 / ZH-A51 oxygen concentrator with battery

Portable oxygen concentrator Cronos TP-B1 / ZH-A51 + battery.

The oxygen concentrator is the most reliable, effective and convenient source of oxygen today. The concentrator separates oxygen from the air and delivers pure oxygen of high concentration to the patient through a tube.

The concentrator is especially useful for people who use oxygen therapy while traveling, and who lead active lifestyles. When driving, simply plug in the car charger and the concentrator can run for many hours without interruption.

  • Work in any conditions
  • Light weight - about 2 kg
  • Easy operation
  • Flow rate averages 3 L/min. (+/-1.5 L/min. depending on the need). Maximum 4L
  • Handy bag

Advantages of our concentrator

  • High oxygen concentration
  • Alarm system for power cut-off and too high or low pressure
  • Compressor operation protection
  • Small size and weight
  • Low energy consumption

Medical certificate

As the only one in the segment of mobile oxygen concentrators, we have a medical certificate allowing sales in the EU.

Technical specifications:

Air outlet approx. 3 L/min (standard atmospheric pressure)
Concentration 28% + / -2% (standard atmospheric pressure)
Dimensions 26x11x17 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
Battery Lithium battery (15V, 2.2A)
Power consumption ~32W
Voltage AC 220 ~ 240V 50-60Hz or DC 12-17V
Adapter car adapter
Volume less than 50 dB
Application humidity less than 90%
Battery life 60-80 minutes on full charge
Operating time on power Up to 8 hours, then a break of 30 min.

Kit includes:

  1. Cronos TP-B1 / ZH-A51 oxygen concentrator
  2. Handy bag
  3. 1x 2200 mAh lithium battery
  4. Battery charger
  5. Power supply
  6. Car charger
  7. Power cable
  8. External tube with vaporizer
  9. User manual in Polish

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Oxygen concentrator
For your health

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