Heckermann® JP-060S 15L ultrasonic cleaner + 1L liquid

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  • Product type: Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Category: Ultrasonic washers

The PS-60A ultrasonic cleaner will remove even the hardest-to-reach contaminants with the help of ultrasound. It will be perfect for the mechanical, jewelry and optical industries. The capacity is 15 liters.

Heckermann JP-060S 15L ultrasonic washing machine

Technical specifications:

Tank material stainless steel
Capacity 15L
Display LED
Operating time 1-30 minutes, adjustable with buttons
Power supply 220 ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz
Ultrasound frequency 40 kHz
Heater power 400W
Power of ultrasound 360W
Dimensions 36 x 30 x 28 cm
Dimensions of the container 33 x 30 x 15 cm (L x W x H).

Set composition:

  1. Heckermann JP-060S 15L ultrasonic cleaner.
  2. Heckermann 1000x 1L cleaning fluid
  3. Power cord
  4. Basket

The ultrasonic cleaner with an ultrasonic power of 360W will prove to be effective in cleaning the rusted or dirty surfaces, including mechanical parts, electronic components and jewelry.

Our washer owes its high efficiency to the phenomenon of physical cavitation - during it high-frequency pressure waves are created, resulting in the formation of millions of small bubbles. Reaching a sufficiently large size, they violently burst, thus causing the removal of extremely stuck dirt. The described cleaning system is 100% safe - it does not cause the slightest mechanical damage to the cleaned object.

The easy-to-use LCD control panel allows you to control the cleaning time and temperature. The included instruction manual in Polish will completely solve any doubts about the use of our washer.

Why is ultrasonic cleaning the best method in the world?

  • the most effective
  • the fastest and most convenient (effortless - the whole cleaning and disinfection process is performed by the device)
  • 100% safe (non-invasive, so the item and its surface remain intact and thoroughly cleaned, disinfected) without the risk of scratching, abrasion, damage to delicate components
  • disinfecting and fully sterile
  • has the ability to reach all nooks and crannies
  • tremendous ability to be used in many areas
  • the most precise in the world
  • without polish and polishing the components after cleaning beautifully shine like new
  • saving time (you put the item into the washer and take it out after the cleaning process is finished) incredibly simple and convenient
  • saving money (each time for expensive specialized cleaning agents and instruments)

Control panel with LCD display

The offered washer has the ability to set the working time and temperature, which provides full control over the cleaning process.

All parameters are visible on the LCD display. Operation of the entire device is very simple, even intuitive. The device is made of high-quality steel. The washer is also distinguished by insulated transducers, which further protect the cleaned products.

The transducers have a large diameter, which gives better cleaning results by increasing the efficiency of the device.

Our certifications

Heckermann ultrasonic washers are used in a variety of fields where they prove indispensable, including:


In beauty salons, spas, tattoo and piercing studios. For washing treatment instruments.


In hospitals, clinics, dental and orthodontic offices. For washing surgical instruments and sanitizing equipment components.


In diagnostic, scientific centers. For washing equipment for analysis, research such as: cuvettes of bioanalyzers, sieves, filters and ceramic rings , laboratory glassware with complex form and small openings such as coils, pipettes, capillaries. They will also work well for: degassing solutions; accelerating certain chemical reactions; dispersing solids in liquids.


Food production plants, e.g.: slaughterhouses, butcheries, dairies; automotive workshops; automotive parts plants, armaments, manufacturing industries. For cleaning: vulcanization molds, measuring instruments and tools, inter-operational, removal of chips, grease, oil, components of complete precision mechanisms without disassembly, automotive components, i.e. heads, injection equipment, carburetors, turbochargers, EGR systems, etc.; screens and nozzles from deposits and contaminants, components for the elaboration of ammunition, firearms, etc. For reconditioning DPF systems, for cleaning, degreasing and eliminating rust before painting and plating.


In manufacturing plants electronic equipment, in telephone service, electronic service. For cleaning: connectors, components of phones, tablets, computers, etc., components of computer motherboards.


E.g. for eliminating unexposed photopolymers, for cleaning raster rollers.


For jewelry production, jewelry stores, jewelry factories, goldsmithing. For cleaning gold, silver.


In eyeglass manufacturing plants, in optical shops in ophthalmologists' offices. For cleaning: glasses before vacuum vaporization, glasses after grinding and polishing, eyeglasses.

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Ultrasonic cleaner
Ultrasonic washers

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