Cronos® Frosty 12L portable evaporative air conditioner with ionization

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  • Power: 80W
  • Dimensions: 29 x 35 x 70 cm
  • Capacity: 12L
  • Category: For home and garden
  • Airflow: 1000 m³/h

Cool the air in your home during the hottest weather. The Frosty portable evaporative air conditioner is an eco-friendly and energy-saving solution that combines as many as 4 functions. It not only cools, but also purifies, humidifies and ionizes the air. Its performance does not diminish when the window or door is open.

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Cronos® Frosty 12L portable evaporative air conditioner with ionization

Air conditioning at home is a big expense, so you should think about other solutions. A portable air conditioner can be one of them. It not only saves money, but also is a much greener solution. Frosty evaporative air conditioner combines 4 major functions. It effectively cools the room, additionally purifying, humidifying and ionizing the air. It uses water as a cooling method, so it does not release poisonous Freon into the environment.

Advantages of Frosty portable evaporative air conditioner:

  • 4-in-1: cools, purifies, humidifies and ionizes the air
  • the tank holds up to 12 liters of water
  • air conditioner protected by a filter that captures toxic substances
  • removable filter mesh and water tank
  • 3 speed modes: fast, medium and slow
  • does not release freon into the atmosphere
  • effective cooling when the window or door is open
  • modern LED touch screen display
  • possibility to control via the included remote control
  • memory mode for selected settings
  • device sleep mode
  • detection and display of room temperature
  • 24-hour operation mode
  • alarm informing about shortage of water in the tank
  • possibility to set the angle of fan operation
  • quiet operation that does not interfere with daily activities
Klimator przenośny ewaporacyjny Frosty

How Frosty portable air conditioner works

The home air conditioner is equipped with a refrigerant in the form of freon, which is harmful to the environment. The Frosty air conditioner works through water, and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly and harmless.

Frosty air conditioner combines 4 functions

With the Frosty portable air conditioner, your home will not only be cooler, but the air quality will also be significantly improved. The Frosty air conditioner is built to simultaneously cool, clean, humidify and ionize the air.

Klimator przenośny Frosty 12 L

Operation of the air conditioner when the window is open

A home air conditioner installed in a room makes it impossible to open the window, because then its efficiency decreases significantly. The air conditioner can easily operate with an open window or door, moreover, it can also be used outdoors.

Large tank of the air conditioner

The portable evaporative air conditioner is equipped with a large water tank, which holds as much as 12 liters of liquid. The tank, along with the filter grid, can be easily removed from the unit, making cleaning the components extremely easy.

Klimator przenośny i jego pojemnik na wodę
Panel dotykowy klimatora przenośnego

Intelligent memorization

The Frosty portable air conditioner remembers previously selected settings, so you don't have to readjust it to your needs each time. The sleep mode saves energy and allows the unit to return to operation quickly.

Air conditioner control

To make controlling the air conditioner even easier, a special remote control has been included, which works up to 6.5 meters from the air conditioner. Settings can also be changed on the modern LED touch panel.

Pilot do klimatora przenośnego
Klimator przenośny od boku

Technical specifications:

Model LL-19A
Air flow rate 1000 m³/h
Speed 12 m/s
Speed settings 3 modes
Volume approx. 45 dB
Power 80W
Power supply 220-240V / 50 Hz
Tank capacity 12L
Control touch panel + remote control
Range 20-25 m²
Dimensions 29 x 35 x 70 cm
Weight of device 5.6 kg
Weight with packaging 6.85 kg

Package contents:

  1. Cronos® Frosty 12L air conditioner
  2. Pilot
  3. Cellulose air filter
  4. Operating instructions in Polish
  5. Transport wheels (4 pcs.)
  6. Power cord
  7. Original sturdy packaging
Klimator przenośny Frosty - obrazek poglądowy

Technical Specifications:

29 x 35 x 70 cm
For home and garden
1000 m³/h
approx. 45 dB
Range of operation
20-25 m²

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