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P50 fingerprint padlock with USB

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  • Category: GSM alarms, cameras, padlocks, bells

Security when traveling is a very important issue, so you should take care to properly secure your luggage. The convenient P50 fingerprint padlock allows you to forget about your keys and protect your bags from possible theft in a modern way.

P50 fingerprint padlock with USB

The padlock has been created from the highest quality zinc alloy, making it highly resistant to various types of damage, as well as weather conditions. What's more, the security device can be charged using a USB cable. The standby time of the device is up to 6 months or up to 1000 unlocks of the padlock.

Advantages of the P50 fingerprint padlock:

  • the best security for bags, backpacks, lockers, etc;
  • padlock created from zinc alloy, which guarantees high quality and durability;
  • it takes less than 1 sec to open the padlock;
  • 10 fingerprints can be programmed;
  • compact size of 32x60x14mm;
  • acceptance of false fingerprints less than 0.002%;
  • rejection of real fingerprint less than 1%;
  • device functions without charging for up to 6 months or 1,000 padlock unlocks;
  • Non-mechanical locking cylinder with 12mm diameter beam;
  • weatherproof (trouble-free operation in temperatures from -20 to 70°C);
  • low battery alarm;
  • green LED indicating the level of charge of the padlock;
  • charging the equipment with a USB cable.

Kłódka na odcisk palca P50 przypięta do różnych toreb

The key is fingerprint

Fingerprint padlocks are the ideal device for those people who don't like to carry keys or forget to bring them. A fingerprint is all that is needed to open this security device.

Maximized working time and USB

Without charging, the fingerprint padlock can last up to 6 months of constant standby or 1,000 padlock unlocks. To charge the device, just use a standard USB cable.

Kabel USB do kłódki na odcisk palca P50
Otwarta kłódka na odcisk palca P50

Simple operation

The device is extremely easy to use. It takes just 5 seconds to add a fingerprint, and 10 seconds to remove a fingerprint.

Fast response time

Quick unlocking of the padlock is extremely important and can be useful especially in stressful situations. That's why it takes less than 1 second to open the locking bar.

Kłódka na odcisk palca P50 z przodu
Zakmknięta kłódka na odcisk palca

Security at the highest level

The biological recognition method ensures the highest quality of security. The average recognition error of an inappropriate fingerprint is only 0.002%.

Product specifications:

  • Unlocking: fingerprint
  • Size: 32x60x14mm
  • Weight: 58g
  • Battery: 80 mAh 3.7V lithium battery
  • Charging method: Micro USB 5V 0.5a
  • Operation time: up to 6 months
  • Operating temperature: from - 20 to 70°C
  • LED light: tricolor light
  • Full charge: light off
  • IC card reader: No
  • Low battery charge: 3,5V
  • Fingerprint head: square, 10.4*10.4mm
Kłódka na odcisk palca P50 z USB

Technical Specifications:

GSM alarms, cameras, padlocks, bells

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