Wireless doorbell with HD camera and WiFi

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Wireless doorbell with HD camera and WiFi

Wireless doorbell with HD camera, WiFi and motion sensor

A modern doorbell equipped with a 720P HD camera, WiFi, and a motion sensor. After pairing the doorbell with the app (iOS or Android), we receive a real-time image on our phone.

Product description:

  • High-resolution 720P camera
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz
  • Two-way audio signal - the doorbell works like a video intercom, so you can talk to your visitor
  • Excellent visibility at night
  • Video transmitted in real time
  • Notifications to your phone in case someone rings the bell or just stands in front of it
  • Ability to record video and store on TF card (not included)
  • Wide viewing angle of 166°
  • Motion sensor to detect the presence of a visitor before the bell rings (you will get a notification on your phone)
  • Child's play wireless installation
  • Rechargeable power supply - 3x 18650 batteries
  • Negligible power consumption - compared to most popular ringtones on the market you save!

Application that works with the ringtone

To connect the ringtone with our phone, download the LiveHome app from the AppStore (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

You can also scan the QR codes shown next to it.

Real-time image

When you're busy, doing an activity you can't immediately tear yourself away from, and you've just heard the doorbell, you can instantly see who's at the door.

The doorbell is waterproof

Thanks to its waterproof design, you don't have to worry about weather conditions. You don't need to install additional covers around the bell to protect it from rain or snowfall.

Great protection against burglars

If the built-in motion sensor detects a person moving around the bell, it will notify you on your smartphone.

The motion sensor is backed by 6 infrared LEDs, which allows it to detect movement even after dark.

While you are away from home, you can therefore prevent possible theft.

Video recording and data storage capabilities

The bell is equipped with the function of recording and storing recordings on a TF card (up to 32 FB). In addition to recording, we can also store the screenshots we have taken.

Wide application

The bell works well not only when you are at home. You will also receive a notification on your phone about a visit when you are on vacation, at work, driving or in a meeting.

When you receive the notification, you can see who has graced you with their presence.

Technical specifications:

  • Ring type: wireless
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Camera resolution: 720P
  • Viewing angle: 166°
  • Recording: TF card (max. 32 GB)
  • Input: 1-way built-in microphone -38dB
  • Output: built-in speaker (8Ω 1W)
  • Caller volume max: 45 dB (A)
  • Mounting: surface mounted
  • Power supply: 3x 18650 Li-On rechargeable battery (included)
  • Power consumption: 120 uA
  • Operating current: 170 mA
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Operating temperature: -40-50°C
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 7.5 x 3.3 cm
  • Color: dark gray (panel), silver (housing)

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