Cronos Misto 4L air humidifier with ionizer

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  • Product type: Air humidifier
Properly humidified and ionized air will make ailments such as dry mucous membranes and coughs a thing of the past. Buy the Misto ionizer humidifier by Cronos with a 4-liter water tank today.

Air humidifier with ionizer Cronos Misto 4L

Cronos Misto air humidifier will help eliminate the ailments that occur in autumn and winter during the heating season. Dry skin, mucous membranes, as well as irritation of the respiratory system are just some of the unpleasant consequences of dry air.

In addition, the device is equipped with an air ionization function, which allows to increase the amount of negative ions that have many health properties for the body. Properly ionized air increases repose, and is also extremely important for people suffering from allergies and asthma. Cronos Misto also offers an aromatherapy function, which has a soothing effect on the human body.

Advantages of the humidifier with ionizer Misto:

  • 3 functions in one device: humidification, ionization and aromatherapy;

  • large tank with a capacity of 4 liters;

  • 300 ml/h capacity;

  • 3 levels of steam release;

  • coverage of up to 30 sq. ft;

  • water tank input located on top of the unit;

  • ability to select and maintain constant humidity;

  • built-in 8-hour timer;

  • built-in hygrometer;

  • easy-to-read LED display;

  • sleep function of the device;

  • empty tank protection;

  • Touch panel and wireless remote control.

Nawilżacz powietrz z jonizatorem Cronos Misto stoi na stole
Nawilżacz powietrz z jonizatorem Cronos Misto z dolewaną od góry wodą

Large tank and convenient refilling

The large 4-liter tank of the Cronos Misto humidifier allows the device to run for a long time without the need to refill water. However, to keep this activity hassle-free, the filler for filling the container has been located on top of the humidifier.

Humidifier with hygrometer

A hygrometer is a device that allows you to check what humidity is currently in the room. In modern humidifiers from Cronos, it makes it easier to choose the appropriate strength of steam ejection and set a constant level of steam in the air, which is the healthiest for the body.

Nawilżacz powietrz z jonizatorem Cronos Misto z wyświetlaczem LED
Nawilżacz powietrz z jonizatorem Cronos Misto

Humidifier with ionizer operated in two ways

The Cronos brand air humidifier can be operated in two ways. Using the touch panel located on the device, and also thanks to the included remote control with the most necessary buttons.

Quiet operation that does not disturb your rest

Ultrasonic humidifiers are praised for their quiet operation that does not interfere with rest or work duties. The Misto humidifier can be set up in a child's room with peace of mind, without worrying about the noise waking up your little one.

Nawilżacz powietrz z jonizatorem Cronos Misto w pokoju dziecka
Nawilżacz powietrz z jonizatorem Cronos Misto, pilot i opakowanie

Set composition:

  • Misto humidifier;

  • remote control;

  • instruction manual in Polish.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: Cronos Misto

  • Power supply: 220V

  • Power: 28W

  • Coverage: 30 m²

  • Water tank capacity: 4L

  • Efficiency: 300 ml/h

  • Timer: yes (1-8 hours)

  • Hygrometer: yes

  • Ionization: yes

  • Operating volume: 35 dB

  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 38 cm

  • Certifications: CE, RoHS

Wymiary nawilżacza powietrza z jonizatorem Cronos Misto

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Air humidifier

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