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Solar Christmas laser projector QX-053

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  • Product type: Christmas lighting
    Laser projector
  • Category: Christmas lighting
  • Type of lighting: external

Solar Christmas laser projector QX-053

Ecology and Christmas magic go hand in hand! Buy a solar Christmas laser projector today, which will make beautiful and delicate snowflakes in 4 different colors appear on the facade of your house. Fast charging by sunlight saves electricity and uses renewable sources. Expressive graphics will create an extraordinary atmosphere in a few moments!

The projector does not include rechargeable batteries. You need to buy two good quality 18650 cells for the projector.

Advantages of QX-053 solar Christmas projector:

  • charged by solar energy;

  • large solar panel with high light absorption;

  • 4 leds giving clear light;

  • high degree of protection IP65;

  • maximum operating time after charging up to 8 hours;

  • maximum charging time up to 10 hours;

  • delicate snowflake graphics displayed in 4 colors;

  • housing made of aluminum;

  • no additional wiring;

  • 532-650 nm laser power;

  • possibility to rotate the projector head.

Projektor laserowy świąteczny na tle kolorowego kartonu
Projektor laserowy świąteczny z solarnym panelem na białym tle

Christmas laser projector with solar panel

Attached to the laser projector, the solar panel allows the use of renewable energy sources, and thus removes the costs associated with the use of electricity. The sun's rays effectively charge the projector in just a few hours. The maximum operating time of the device is 8 hours on a single charge. The Christmas laser projector is designed for outdoor use.

Snowflakes in 4 colors

The Christmas laser projector displays a pattern of delicate snowflakes in up to 4 of the most popular colors, namely red, blue, green and white. Each snowflake has a different shape, which conveys a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Dom, na którym pokazują się kolorowe śnieżynki
Pudełko do projektora laserowego świątecznego ze śnieżynkami

Solar Christmas laser projector with solid construction

The housing of the QX-053 laser projector is made of high-quality aluminum, as well as composite, so its IP rating is 65. This means that the device has been protected from moisture and dust.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: QX-053

  • Color: RGB

  • Laser power: 532 nm / 50 m, 650 nm / 100 m

  • Water resistance: IP65Q

  • Power supply: solar panel (6V/2W)

  • Battery: built-in 2200 mA lithium battery

  • Operation time: 6-8 h

  • Charging time: 8-10 h

  • For use: Outdoor

  • Coating color: Black

  • Material: eco-friendly ABS

Projektor laserowy świąteczny od boku i od góry

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Christmas lighting
Laser projector
Christmas lighting
Type of lighting

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