3D LED Unicorn Nightlight

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3D LED Unicorn Nightlight

UNICORN LED 3D night lamp

The lamp is equipped with a function of changing colors (we can choose up to 7 of them). The selected color can light up constantly, but you can also set the mode of automatic color change.

The lamp will be perfect as a gift for the youngest and not only. It is powered by the included USB cable or batteries (3x AA).

Product description:

  • 7 colors to choose from (static mode or dynamic color change)
  • choice of 2 different unicorn figures (see at the bottom of the auction)
  • remote control and USB cable included
  • total safety during use
  • excellent quality energy-saving LED lighting
  • solid base, thanks to which the lamp is stable
  • incredibly easy to use (accurate instructions in Polish included)
  • height of the lamp: about 20-23 cm (depending on the selected design)

With the remote control or a button on the stand you can change the color of the lamp:


How to use the remote control:

  • Press the reset button, the lamp will return to the setting when first turned on.
  • Press the up/down arrow button to make the lamp change color. This button also returns to single color mode.
  • Pressthe arrow buttons under "Dimmer" to make the lamp color darker or lighter (only works in one color mode).
  • Press the"FLASH" button, the lamp will start flashing.
  • Press thebutton under "SPEED" to make the color change slower or faster.
  • Press the"1" button, the lamp will turn on the mode of 7 colors changing automatically (they change slowly)
  • Press the"2" button, the lamp will turn on the mode of 7 colors changing automatically (they change fast)
  • Press the"3" button, the lamp will turn on the irregular mode of 7 colors (they change quickly)
  • Press the "4" button, the lamp will turn on the mode of 7 colors changing automatically (they change slowly).
  • It is possible to automatically turn off the light after a certain time: 1H-24H.

USB power supply

To turn on the light, just connect the USB cable to your computer, laptop, powerbank or directly to the mains.

Powered by 3xAA batteries

If you prefer wireless operation of the light, you can easily run it with the help of three AA batteries.

After purchase, choose the design. In a message to the seller, write the number of the chosen unicorn*.

*Each unicorn lights up in 7 colors.

Set includes:

  1. UNICORN lamp (select number in message to seller)
  2. White stand with "touch switch" function and microUSB input
  3. Remote control for remote operation
  4. USB cable
  5. Detailed instruction manual in Polish

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