Electric laundry dryer 1200W 170 cm

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Introducing a brand new model of laundry dryer by Cronos. With it you can quickly dry as much as 15 kg of laundry at a time, needing little space in your room.

Folding ELECTRIC Laundry Dryer 4-in-1 Cronos - 170 cm, 3-level.

Can perform three functions:


Introducing a brand new model of laundry dryer by Cronos. With it you can quickly dry as much as 30 kg of laundry at a time, needing little space in your room.

In addition, the device will prove useful as a temporary storage for clothes, and during drying it will heat the room and humidify the air in it.

Advantages of the dryer:

  • 3 levels inside the chamber
  • High power 1200W for excellent performance
  • Possibility of touch control on the device panel, as well as with the included remote control
  • Possibility to set the drying time (TIMER: 0-240 minutes)
  • Easy to use - Polish language manual included
  • Built-in ionization function
  • Quick folding and unfolding - you can easily transport the dryer to another location
  • Mounted wheels, so you can quickly move the device to the desired location
  • High quality material - a guarantee of long years of flawless operation
  • Maximum load 30 kg
  • Protection against water IPX1
  • Can be folded after each use for easy storage, such as under the bed or behind the door
  • Save time compared to traditional drying!

Wireless control of the dryer

Thanks to the remote control option, we can manage the device from a few meters away, without the need to get up or detach from the activity you are doing.

From the remote control you will set the drying time and speed, as well as turn the ionization function on or off.

Traditional control also available

In addition to the remote control, we can manage the dryer directly from the touch panel, located on the front of the device.

8 vents at the top of the dryer

Through these vents, hot air leads to the convection of air inside the dryer, resulting in the drying of clothes.

The moisture released from inside the chamber will perfectly moisten the air in the room. It will be ideal in the autumn and winter, when we most often have to deal with this very problem.

High-density fabric

High-density fabric was used to create the cover for the dryer. This makes the dryer 100% airtight, and also prevents dust from getting into it.

High-quality wheels

We equipped the device with four casters with brakes. Thanks to them you can easily move the dryer to the desired location.

Reinforcing joints (ABS)

They guarantee full stability of the dryer.

Adjust the drying time to the type of laundry

The dryer is equipped with a practical timer, thanks to which you will set the drying time depending on the type of laundry.

Below is an example of the use of the timer:

  • 30 minutes - socks
  • 60 minutes - underwear
  • 80 minutes - shirts, shirts
  • 150 minutes - towels
  • 180 minutes - pants, blouses, sweaters
  • 240 minutes - down jackets

Anion sterilization of air

To eliminate unpleasant aromas, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungal spores, allergens.

Beneficial negative ions (anions)

Studies have shown that air in which there are more positive ions (cations) noticeably adversely affect our health. On the other hand, if there is a relative balance of negative and positive ions in the air we are relaxed and our body functions properly and we have better concentration. They support our body, vitality and increase immunity.

In addition, they eliminate mold, unpleasant and toxic aromas such as musty or freshly renovated rooms.

Purified, refreshed and crisp air as in waterfalls such as waterfalls, cascades, or by the seashore.

Modern drying technology

The dryer works on the principle of an enclosed thermo-fan in a sealed chamber. It accumulates hot air blown from below.

Importantly, the drying method used is safe for our clothes, does not cause damage and prevents creases (some clothes will hang up straight to the closet, because they will not need ironing!).

The drying time of the laundry depends on its type, the amount of clothes inside the chamber and the degree of centrifugation.

Possibility to fold the dryer

We designed the device so that its storage does not take up too much space. When you are done, you can simply fold it and slide it under the bed or place it behind the door.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: Cronos V2T
  • Power: 220-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 1200W
  • Levels inside the dryer: 3
  • Load capacity: 30 kg
  • Timer: 0-240 min.
  • Power cord length: about 1.5 m
  • Additional functions: heating, humidifying, sterilizing
  • Dimensions when unfolded: 170x72x50 cm
  • Dimensions after folding: 185x72x13 cm
  • Waterproof class: IPX1
  • Color: Navy blue

Set composition:

  1. Cronos 4-in-1 dryer
  2. Remote control
  3. User manual in Polish

Technical Specifications:

For home and garden

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