Solar repellent for rodents, martens, mice, rats, wild boar, deer, birds, moles GH-501

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  • Product type: Animal repellent

Solar animal repellent: birds, dogs, cats, moles, foxes, hares, raccoons, badgers and wild boars. Repel unwanted animals that prowl your property and spread destruction.

Solar animal repellent: mice, rats, all rodents, wild boars, foxes AND MORE!

Fend off unwanted animals that are prowling your property and spreading destruction.

What distinguishes the offered repellent?

  • Effective, while environmentally friendly and safe for humans
  • Ultrasonic waves affect the nervous and auditory system of pests, provoking them to flee
  • Built-in LED light and alarm sound for additional deterrence
  • Adjustable range of motion sensor: 5-8 meters
  • Repels wild boars, all rodents, rats, mice, birds, wild dogs, wild cats, moles, foxes, hares, raccoons, badgers and other pests
  • Powered by solar energy and 3 AA batteries or 9V, 200 mA rechargeable battery
  • Designed for use in an open area with access to sunlight
  • 24-hour garden protection
  • As many as 5 modes of operation
  • Two mounting options - in the ground or on the wall
  • Infrared sensor angle: 110°
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • The sounds are not a nuisance to people and pets


The repellent should be used outdoors. The device will work best in places where mains power is not available, such as gardens, orchards, meadows, as well as during camping or camping trips.

Where the repellent can be used:

  1. Yards
  2. Orchards
  3. Gardens
  4. Cultivated land
  5. Lawns
  6. Campsites / campgrounds

Large capacious battery

The device is equipped with a large solar panel, so that the deterrent works 24 hours, during the day it charges the battery, which it uses when working at night.

However, when it rains for a couple of days or there is simply no sun, you can use the device with 3 rechargeable batteries charged with an AC adapter.

Easy and fun to use

All you need to do is stick the device into the ground, or using the holes on the back of the repellent, we can mount it to the wall.

As many as 5 operating modes to choose from

The device allows you to adjust the operation mode to suit your needs:

  • Mode 0: OFF
  • Mode 1: 13.5 kHz - 19.5 kHz for repelling animals such as mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens, etc.
  • Mode2: 19.5 kHz - 24.5 kHz to repel animals such as cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks, etc.
  • Mode3: 24.5 kHz - 45.5 kHz to repel animals such as bats, birds, rodents, etc.
  • Mode4: Alarm and strong flashing LEDs to scare wild animals
  • Mode5: activates all modes 1-3, also turns on strong flashing

Small effective device

The repellent is equipped with infrared (PIR) to detect the animal within a range of 5-8 m, the sound waves emitted affect the nervous and auditory system of pests, provoking them to flee.

In addition, the repellent is equipped with an LED light and alarm sound to achieve a better deterrent effect. After 15 seconds, when no pets are around, the signal stops.

The device allows you to get rid of any pests, and its main advantage is the absence of chemicals.

IP44 waterproof

The device is waterproof, so it does its job in all weather conditions.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: GH-501
  • Infrared sensor angle: 110°
  • Motion sensor: yes
  • Motion sensor range: 5-8 m
  • Sleep mode: after 15 seconds
  • Number of operating modes: 5
  • Bandwidth of generated ultrasound: 13.5 kHz - 45.5 kHz
  • Power supply: solar panel / 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries (included)

Set includes:

  1. Solar animal repellent
  2. NiMH rechargeable batteries 1.2V
  3. User manual in Polish

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Animal repellent

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