Heckermann W840 COB LED workshop flashlight.

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  • Product type: Flashlight
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Heckermann® COB LED portable work light with POWERBANK function and magnets!

Super bright flashlight with TWO magnets, built-in Li-on rechargeable battery, it is indispensable when working in the workshop, garage or at home.

What distinguishes our lamp:

  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3 operation modes
  • comfortable and durable housing
  • foldable 360° rotating hook for hanging
  • double very strong magnet in the base
  • extended operating time on a single charge
  • Quick USB charging
  • the flashlight also serves as a POWERBANK - just connect to the lamp, for example, a phone, and it will start charging
  • modern LED COB technology
  • energy efficient - low power consumption
  • ultra strong bright light
  • handle bendable to 90° - provides the ability to set the device at different angles

Plenty of functionality

  1. Powerful LED light bar
  2. High-class strong magnet located on the side of the lamp
  3. High-quality strong magnet located under the stand

Rotating hook for hanging

Mounted on the top of the lamp, the hanging hook greatly increases the comfort of the lamp, and the ability to rotate 360° creates unlimited possibilities.

Universal application

Thehousing of the device is covered with a non-slip coating, so it fits securely in the hand and is extremely resistant to impact.

Thebuilt-in double magnet, swivel base and rotating hook for hooking up makes you can place the flashlight wherever you want, making it a very helpful and convenient device when working.

Modern LED COB technology

The LED COB technology used distinguishes the Heckermann flashlight, thanks to which the device gives much more light compared to traditional LEDs.

The use of this technology also ensured a longer life of the lamp and made it energy efficient.

Reliable lamp

The built-in long-life battery will allow the device to work for 2-3 hours!

Use it wherever you want

The lamp is suitable not only for work in the workshop or garage, but also works well on trips, as a flashlight in a tent, on a camping trip or anywhere where a handy additional light source is required.

Ready to work at any time!

Thanks to the fast charging via USB port you will charge the flashlight in 4-5 hours!

Technical specifications:

Model W840
Built-in rechargeable battery 3.7V 18650 2300 mAh Li-on
Brightness 330 lumens
Operating time 2-3 hours
Charging time 4-5 hours
Power 5W
Distance < 50 m
Handle bends to 90 degrees
Charging USB
Material ABS
Lighting modes ON-1 LED (TOP) - OFF- COB-OFF
Dimensions 21.5 x 4 x 5 cm
Source 3W COB + 1W flashlight

Kit contents:

  1. Heckermann W840 lamp
  2. USB cable with three ends
  3. User manual in Polish
  4. Original packaging

Technical Specifications:

Product type
For a gift
I am looking for a gift...
For him

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