GSM/3G/4G LTE Tajfun 20 dBi 30 cm Nż antenna

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  • Connector: N¿
  • Antenna type: external
  • Type of antenna: directional
  • Antenna gain: 20 dBi
  • Frequency of operation: 800 MHz
    900 MHz
    1800 MHz
    2100 MHz
    2600 MHz

No coverage on your GSM 3G/4G LTE cell phone or wireless Internet at home or at work? A weak signal prevents you from talking freely on your cell phone or working on the Internet - with Signaflex you will instantly strengthen your range. 4-function antenna.

Tajfun 3G/4G 20 dBi antenna is a strong and stable 3G/4G coverage.

Features of 3G/4G LTE GSM antenna

  • Supports 3G/4G LTE and HSPA+ frequencies
  • 30 cm RG174 cable terminated with a female plug
  • Horizontal omnidirectional polarization
  • Weather resistant
  • Amplifies all networks simultaneously, not just one
  • Signal collection angles horizontal - 90°
  • Signal collection angles vertical - 55°
  • Durability due to high quality ABS construction
  • Modern installation design
  • Increased safety during storms


Supports the band

  • 900MHz GSM (2G)
  • 1700-2100MHz UMTS
  • WCDMA (3G)
  • 1800MHz DCS 4G LTE


  • For GSM 2G, 3G and 4G amplifiers
  • For 3G Internet
  • For 4G LTE internet

All antenna mounts are included.

Signaflex supports communications.

The antenna supports the signal of any telephone network in Europe.

Specifications of the Tajfun 20 dBi antenna

Operating band 806-906 MHz
1710-2500 MHz
Gain 20 dBi
Impedance 50 Ω per connector
Maximum power 100 W
Forward/rear ratio 20 dBi
Viewing angle horizontal 90˚
vertical 55˚
Antenna connector N female (cable coming out of the antenna)
VSWR ≤ 1.5
Polarization vertical or horizontal
Size 740 mm
Weight 0.48 kg
Color White
Working temperature from -40˚C to 70˚C

Set composition

1. 4-band GSM/UMTS 20 dbi antenna

2. 30 cm h155 cable terminated with N male plugs

3. receipt or invoice as warranty (24 months)

Technical Specifications:

Antenna type
Type of antenna
Antenna gain
20 dBi
Frequency of operation
800 MHz
900 MHz
1800 MHz
2100 MHz
2600 MHz

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