Air humidifier fragrance diffuser 400 ml Cronos® Bamboo

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  • Product type: Air humidifier
  • Category: Air humidifiers

Properly humidified air, in which there is a balance between positive and negative ions shows health-promoting properties. Cronos humidifier is a unique device that will satisfy the most demanding users.

Ultrasonic air humidifier and fragrance diffuser Cronos Bamboo 400 ml with remote control.

A unique model of ultrasonic air humidifier with fragrance diffuser 2-in-1. Cronos humidifier is a unique device that will satisfy the most demanding users.

Discover the most important advantages of Cronos Bamboo humidifier:

  • the latest ultrasonic air humidifier
  • fragrance diffuser (aromatherapy function)
  • remote control with a remote control up to 6 meters
  • beautiful shape and workmanship
  • natural finish in light brown color
  • easy to use
  • quiet and efficient operation
  • improves the quality of: sleep, relaxation, regeneration
  • very helpful for: sinusitis
  • LED strip emits light: 7 colors
  • backlight selection function: color, brightness, auto
  • maximum working time: 10h
  • mist time setting function: 1h/3h/6h/ON
  • auto-off function (automatically turns off the device when the water runs out)
  • very high quality equipment
  • ideal for: bedroom, living room, office, waiting room, exercise room, spa, etc.

Decorative backlighting

Impressive LED backlighting of the device, illuminates the surroundings with pleasant light. With the LIGHT button, you can freely change the color by choosing from up to 7 LED backlighting modes.

Striking design

Practical appliances can also delight and make interiors more attractive. Cronos brand has focused on the qualities of functionality as well as beautiful design. Air humidifier and fragrance diffuser 2-in-1, makes this device a truly perfect air humidifier. It will also serve as a beautiful decoration in any interior.


Properly humidified air in which there is a balance between positive and negative ions shows health-promoting properties.

Enhanced immunity of the body. No irritation of the respiratory system caused by dry and polluted air. Reduced risk of infection, no dryness of the throat and nasal mucous membranes. Improved mood, performance and concentration.

Quiet and efficient operation

This is a unique device that features very quiet operation, so the humidifier can be on all night and will not disturb your sleep.


Allows you to set the time of mist generation:

  • 1h
  • 3h
  • 6h

Simple and convenient operation

It has an easy-to-read, intuitive-to-use device panel. It is also possible to operate remotely using the remote control, which is included in the set. The remote control works from a distance of up to 6 meters.

Safety with automatic shut-off function

It has protection against insufficient water. The device will notify you on its own if there is not enough water in the container and will turn itself off.


The heating season significantly reduces indoor humidity. The consequence of warm, dry air is dry hair and skin. With the right level of hydration, you will stay youthful for longer.

Additional aromatherapy function

When you add a few drops of oil to the water, the space will fill with fragrance and create an oasis of peace and relaxation. You can feel like you are in a professional spa.


Technical specifications:

Model Bamboo
Power supply 220-240V
Humidification method mist
Working area 20-40m2
Technology ultrasonic humidification
Efficiency 35 ml/h
Water tank capacity 400 ml
Dimensions 16.8 x 24 cm
Operating noise < 35 dB
Power consumption 14W
Operation Buttons on the device, remote control
Color natural wood or dark wood

Set composition:

  1. Cronos Bamboo air humidifier
  2. AC adapter DC24V / 0.65A
  3. Remote control
  4. Container for pouring water
  5. User manual in Polish

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Air humidifier
Air humidifiers

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