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Multifunctional Steam Brush 1000W

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  • Product type: Steam Brush

Multifunctional steam brush 1000W

Multifunctional steam brush is an indispensable helper in every home! It will clean any surface and handle the most unruly creases, leaving your clothes fresh and soft!

Product Description:

  • Multifunctional device
  • Handy and effective
  • Cleans any surface safely - ideal for any type of fabric
  • Easily visible water level
  • Removes creases - the perfect travel iron
  • Smoothes collars and cuffs
  • Hard plastic brush tackles the toughest dirt
  • Two heating elements and 5 steam vents for the most effective performance
  • Disinfecting function - high temperature steam removes bacteria
  • Refreshes clothes leaving them soft and fragrant

Many functions - one device

The steam brush can clean the toughest dirt in the hardest to reach places. The hot steam and hard bristles of the brush, effectively penetrate any type of material, removing all dirt. The high temperature kills bacteria, leaving the surface clean and fresh.


Cleans inaccessible areas

The device is ideal for washing - cleaning sofas, armchairs and other furniture upholstered with fabric. It effectively gets rid of stains, and additionally refreshes the furnishings of our home. Dirty carpet, stained sofa or soiled curtain - in a few moments you will clean any dirt, without damaging the surface of the material. The steam brush is also ideal for cleaning the interior of your car.


Irons and refreshes

The brush not only cleans clothes - it works great as a handy iron. It smooths out bent collars and cuffs, irons out creases and leaves our clothes clean and fresh.

100% safety and satisfaction

The device is made of exceptional quality materials. Unlike a traditional iron, there is no possibility of burning or damaging the cleaned surface here.

Works well on any surface

The device can cope even with dirty tiles or carpets. Hot steam cleans the surface without the need to use any chemicals or corrosive substances, which is beneficial for our domestic environment.

Sturdy, handy design

The steam brush is distinguished by its extremely handy design and solid workmanship. Two the most effective operation, it has two heating elements, and five steam holes. In addition, we can check the water level at any time, as the tank is highly visible.


Technical specifications:

  • Model: JK-760
  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: 220V/50 Hz
  • Tank capacity: 800 ml
  • Dimensions: 29.2 x 10.5 x 8.7 cm


Set composition:

  1. Main device - steam brush
  2. Additional active brush
  3. User manual
  4. Technical support 6 days a week

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Steam Brush

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