Manual PVC hot stamping machine

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Manual embossing machine for PVC cards. Manual machine for printing on PVC cards: bank cards, VIP cards, membership cards, club cards, gift cards.

Manual hot stamping machine PVC SONIX

Manual embossing machine for PVC cards

Manual machine for printing on PVC cards: bank cards, VIP cards, membership cards, club cards, gift cards.

  • Power: 300W
  • The machine is widely used for: printing or hot stamping your own design, logo, emblem, plastic, fabric, PVC cards, etc., with excellent stamping pressure
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Control over the operation of the machine, temperature control

Features of manual PVC card embossing machine:

  • Professional machine - provides the highest standard - ability to emboss your own designs on PVC cards.
  • Experienced and specialized brand
  • Strong pressure - ensures excellent quality of the produced marks
  • Safe to use
  • Efficient work thanks to very simple operation
  • Possibility to adjust parameters on the fly: depth of characters
  • Very large number of supported embossing characters
  • 11 embossing lines
  • Handy work table
  • Made of high quality stainless steel - ensures long life of the machine
  • Non-slip feet, stable construction
  • Can be adjusted on the fly


  • for printing on PVC cards: bank, VIP, membership, club cards, gift cards, vouchers
  • Ideal machine for company, club, workshop association or enterprise

The manual card embossing machine is an indispensable equipment for post-production and applying custom details to PVC cards. It is ideal for personalizing your VIP cards, club cards, membership cards, gift cards, vouchers, etc. PVC cards are identified by printing raised characters on them.


Superb precision:

  • reliable design
  • accurate orientation
  • low volume
  • convenient handling

Distinguished by its individual approach

Compared to electric extrusion machines, the manual machine is more economical and better suited for small customization tasks.

Refined design of the machine in every detail

Guarantees the highest comfort of use:

  • quiet operation
  • ability to adjust parameters on the fly
  • stable construction - non-slip feet
  • safety of use

Method of use:

Easy operation just turn the dial to the character you would like and pull the lever. The depth of the characters can be adjusted to the user's specifications by adjusting the part located at the bottom of the device (hardware is included).

Technical specifications:

  • Items suitable for embossing: Normative PVC card, which is 85.5 mm × 55 mm thick.
  • Character selection: rotary box with character rosette
  • Operation mode: manual
  • Raised type lines: 1-11 lines
  • 2 gears for word spacing: 1/7 inch; 1/10 inch (for small characters only)
  • Indication of raised type location: indicator or sample card
  • Letter size in English letters (26): A ~ Z
  • Letter sizeand lower Arabic numerals (20): 0 ~ 9
  • Small symbols (8): "&, .- / ()
  • Large symbols (17): M V D J 0 € £ ¥ 元 N O .- / ():
  • Modified splaning symbols (1):
  • Material: heavy-duty steel construction
  • Number of extrusion lines: 11 extrusion lines
  • Adjustment: 7.10 characters per inch
  • Number of supported characters: Internal 72 code characters

Set composition:

  1. PVC card embossing machine
  2. 1x Handle
  3. 1x Mounting screw holder
  4. 1x PVC card sample
  5. 1x Hardware kit
  6. Instruction manual in Polish
  7. Invoice representing a guarantee of 24 months

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