Cronos infrared heater with remote control and thermostat 450W

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  • Power: 450W
  • Coverage: do 12 m²
  • Radiator material: Calcium silicate
  • Product type: Infrared radiator

Cronos heating panel uses energy-saving technology: Eco Wall - eco-friendly heating. Infrared technology saves up to 50% of heating expenses. Infrared eliminates mold and fungi. It has a positive effect on health. You will heat your home economically, ecologically, healthily and cleanly.

Infrared heater with remote control and thermostat 450W

Infrared heating is one of the more environmentally friendly ways to provide warmth in your home, office or factory floor. The infrared heater by Cronos is made of the highest quality materials, making it ideal as a free-standing or wall-hanging heater. Its biggest advantages are:

  • built-in thermostat

  • the ability to manage the included remote control

  • solid construction made of calcium silicate

  • adjustable thermostat for optimal temperature setting

  • remote control for remote control of the infrared heater

  • robust construction for which calcium silicate was used

  • allergy- and asthma-friendly heating method

  • infrared radiation showing health-promoting properties

  • heating of living organisms and objects without heating the air

  • high efficiency that translates into low energy loss

  • environmentally friendly design

  • Eco Wall technology

  • Simply Clean technology for easy maintenance of the infrared heater

  • two mounting options: on the wall and as a free-standing heater (feet included)

  • odorless and noiseless operation

  • possibility to paint the heater with watercolors or oil paints

Energy-saving infrared panels

Infrared panels by Cronos are modern devices that can significantly reduce the cost of heating your home. Monthly power consumption at optimal settings for one 450W radiant heater is the cost of 40-50 zlotys at constant operation of the device*.

* Example costs were measured in a building with very good thermal insulation with optimal adjustment of infrared radiator power to the size of the room. For more information on optimal settings, see the manual.

Infrared radiation, which is produced by radiant panels, is completely safe and additionally beneficial to health. The panels do not cause dust to rise, making them ideal for allergy sufferers or asthmatics. Heat is transferred only to living organisms and objects, so the air is not over-dried. The heater reaches a surface temperature of 70°C to 95°C.

The infrared heater by Cronos is equipped with a professional thermostat, so you can set the optimal temperature. In addition, the thermostat allows you to set the operating time of the device, and thus reduce operating costs.

One of the biggest advantages of an infrared heater made of calcium silicate is that it can be customized to match the appearance of the room. All you have to do is paint the shell of the infrared heater with oil paints or watercolors, giving it a unique design.

Infrared heater that meets EU standards

In order to take full care of the safety of use, the operation of the infrared heaters has been adjusted to the highest standards of the European Union according to the category:


  • EN 60335-2-30:2009+A11:12+AC:14

  • EN 60335-1:2012+A11:14+A13:17


  • EN 62311:2008


  • EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1

  • EN 301 489-17 V3.1.1

  • EN 55014-1:2017

  • EN 55014-2:2015

  • EN 61000-3-2:2014

  • EN 61000-3-3:2013


  • EN 300 328 V2.1.1

Radiation technical specification:

Model Cronos CR-450TP
Voltage 220-240V / 50-60 Hz
Power 450W
Color white
Heating element material aluminum
Cable length 170 cm
Weight approx. 5.5 kg
Dimensions 60x60x1 cm
Coverage m2

Set includes:

  1. CR-450TP infrared radiator
  2. Legs
  3. Remote control
  4. Infrared heater user manual
  5. Original sturdy packaging for transportation

Experience the quality of Cronos

  • professional and stable brand in the European market
  • reliable equipment that has received positive approvals of rigorous standards and quality control at every stage of production
  • a wide range of products so that you can choose the perfect device for your needs
  • we provide expert advice
  • the highest quality of customer service
  • we are pleased with the satisfaction of our customers

Technical Specifications:

do 12 m²
Radiator material
Calcium silicate
Product type
Infrared radiator

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