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T006 laser epilator + accessories

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  • Product type: Laser depilator

The laser method of hair removal is permanent and effective. T - 006 professional epilator covers as much as 4 cm of epilated area. 5 power levels. Skin color sensor. Innovative IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology uses light emission with a frequency of over 300,000 pulses. It poses no danger to the skin. Contains no harmful UV rays. No pain or irritation.

LESCOLTON professional laser epilator - 6th generation model


Laser hair removal method is permanent and effective

  • 4 cm of depilated area
  • 5 power levels
  • Skin color sensor
  • Light emission of more than 300,000 pulses

New generation epilation

Lescolton brings pulsed light depilation (IPL) technology from professional beauty salons to homes, making life easier for millions of women around the world.

Saves time and money

An epilator is a one-time, sure-fire investment in your comfort and smooth skin. You don't need foams or other depilatory products. You will get the treatment without leaving your home at any time. With a laser epilator, you will forget about time-consuming and continuous depilation, which is a hassle and requires very frequent repetition.

Comfort and confidence

A depilated body means silky smooth skin, aesthetic and hygienic.

Technical specifications:

  • Depilation area: Whole body
  • Power adjustment: 5-stage
  • Design: Centrally located on/off switch
  • Power type: Mains
  • Technology: Lasser IPL
  • Flash range: 4 cm²
  • Additional features: Exclusive skin color sensor
  • Safety: Low energy action on the skin 5J / cm²
  • Depilation method: Pulsed light emission 300,000 pulses

Kit includes:

  1. LESCOLTON epilator
  2. User manual in Polish
  3. Additional lamp
  4. Three power adapter tips (European, American and English)
  5. Protective goggles

The life cycle of the hair

Anagen - the first phase

During this phase, epilation is most effective. The follicle is open and the hair reaches its full length. However, the hair is still attached to the papilla.

Catagen - phase two

The hair is released from the papilla and begins to move upward. Hair growth processes stop.

Early Anagen - phase three

During this phase the hair slowly makes its living and is the least effective time for IPL hair removal. The hair dies after which it falls out so that the process can begin again.

How does the hair removal process work?

The first month (once every 3-5 days)

The hair/skin will not change in appearance. Please be patient - the results will surprise you!

Second month (once a week)

Your hair will be thin and soft. When you shower, you will see hair follicles with hair falling out.

Third month (once every 15 days)

The growth of most new hair will be reduced. You can gently pluck the remaining hair. Only a few hairs will grow in the depilated areas.

Fourth month (once every 30 days)

All hair should be permanently removed.

Advantages of IPL epilation

  • Long-lasting effect
  • Immediate first results - already after the first treatment
  • Painless
  • Quick and easy
  • Convenient - the treatment can be performed anywhere
  • Safe and non-invasive (does not pose a threat to the skin, does not emit harmful UV radiation)
  • Time-saving - after a few IPL sessions, you'll say goodbye to hair removal for a few years!
  • Saving money - thanks to the fact that the method is reliable and effective, the treatments are performed by yourself at home saving a few thousand zlotys (if the depilation would be performed in a beauty salon - the amount of treatment depends on the salon on average about 7000 zlotys)
  • No irritation - ugly red dots and itching
  • The procedure can be performed by both women and men with different degrees of hairiness

Before and after treatment:

IPL laser depilatories belong to the group of products which, according to Article 38 pt. Law on Consumer Rights of May 30, 2014, for reasons of health and personal hygiene, cannot be returned under the right of withdrawal from a distance contract. Please make informed purchases.

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Laser depilator

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