Glass breakage sensor

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  • Product type: Glass break sensor

Sensor for signaling glass breakage. Commonly used in alarm systems.

Acoustic glass break detector is used to protect objects especially with a large number of glazing. It detects breakage of ordinary, tempered and laminated glass panes.

The sensor triggers an acoustic signal in two ways - first for the sound of hitting the glass (low frequency) and then for the sound of breaking glass (high frequency). Only when both signals are detected is an alarm reported.

Specifications of the glass breakage detector:
Power supply: 1x 12V 6F22 battery
Standby power consumption: 10mA
Power consumption in operation mode: 20mA
Signal transmitting frequency: 433MHz ± 0.5MHz
Max distance from the control panel: up to 80m
Dimensions: 70x14x30mm
Set includes:
1. Wireless glass break sensor
2. Technical support 6 days a week
3. Receipt or invoice as warranty

Technical Specifications:

Product type
Glass break sensor

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